Fun summer recipes for your kids from Budding Chefs

WLUK -- Deb Johnson of Budding Chefs

(WLUK) -- Deb Johnson of Budding Chefs in De Pere is here to showcase some ideas for drinks and snacks your kids will love, and will want to share with their baseball or soccer team this summer! Some healthy, some a little more fun, either way you'll find something to please their appetite or whet their whistle.

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Frozen Yogurt Raspberries

1/2 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt ( or whatever flavor you choose)

3/4 cup raspberries

Fill a piping bag or ziplock with yogurt. Freeze for a few minutes to an hour, checking every 10 minutes. You need it to solidify a bit without becoming solid.

Meanwhile, rinse raspberries and allow to dry a bit. Once yogurt is frozen, fill them with the yogurt from your bag or cut the tip off ziplock. Top with poppy seeds if desired, or actual sprinkles if you don't mind a little sugar. Place a handful in baggies and keep in a cooler for after game snack time.

This is a fun snack for kids to help with. But you can also do it this way:

Wash raspberries and let them dry completely. Place a sheet of wax paper on a cutting board that will fit in your freezer. Taking a toothpick, dip raspberries in yogurt. Place on paper lined cutting board. Freeze completely.

Healthy Sports Drink

3 cups coconut water

1 cup apple juice

1 cup ice

1/8 tsp salt

1 T honey

Optional: lime, lemon or orange juice

Blend well and serve cold.

Raspberry Vanilla Limeade

1 cup sugar

1 cup water

1 1/2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries

2 tsp vanilla extract or 1 vanilla pod, split

4 large limes, juiced

4 cups cold water


Pour lime juice in bottom of pitcher.

In saucepan, combine water, sugar and vanilla extract, or scrape in some vanilla beans.

Whisk over medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Add to the pitcher.

Puree raspberries, strain if desired and add to pitcher. Stir well, and add ice to chill. Serve.

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