Fit Over 50: A group of 50 year olds

Fit Over 50 at Bellin Health (Courtesy: Danielle Halbach)

We are starting a new series called Fit Over 50.

FOX 11's Pete Petoniak will talk to people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s who make fitness a priority.

Eydie Strand, a Bellin Health personal trainer explains why fitness is so important the older you get.

Our 50s group:

Friday, January 26 (Click on the video to see June's fitness routine)

June Jerrett (50)

June loves yoga and is a huge advocate of nutrition.

Healthy Habits from Bellin Health:


Take time to relax your mind and body

Get out of the house

Fresh air and sunlight does wonders

Stay productive

Get a head start on spring cleaning by organizing your home


Tracy Flucke (55)

Tracy is an avid cyclist. She kept fitness a priority even during a shoulder injury.


Rick Pruski (59)

Rick has always been an avid exerciser. He loves being in the weight room, taking part in group exercises and yoga.


Rick Pruski (59)

We'll introduce you to Rick on February 9

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