Eating Healthy in 2018 with Alicia Slusarek

Alicia Slusarek joined us this morning to give a preview of healthy options to kick off 2018, January 6, 2018, (WLUK/Justin Steinbrinck)

(WLUK) -- If you're looking to get healthy in the New Year, yet don't want to give up the delicious side of your foods, there is a way to combine those desires. Registered dietician and nutrionist, Alicia Slusarek, joined us in the kitchen today to showcase some of her ideas for getting lean in 2018, while still being able to enjoy tasty meals and treats.

For more information on Alicia Slusarek and her recipes, click here.




1 Stalk kale

1 c. Pineapple, frozen

1T Chia seeds (or flaxseeds)

1/2 Cucumber

1 Scoop Garden of Life Raw Meal

1c. Water (or more to blend smooth)

3 ice cubes


Form your hand into an OK sign and slide down the stalk of kale, to remove the leaves. Add kale leaves to blender.

Add pineapple, chia seeds, protein protein powder, water and blend on low, slowly increasing speed until well blended (about 1min).

*I prefer unflavored, unsweetened protein varieties! If the natural sweetness from the fruit isn't enough, try adding dates or 1/2T honey.

EVOO + ACV Salad Dressing

Takes 2 minutes, makes 2 servings


3T Extra virgin olive oil

1.5T Apple Cider vinegar

Pinch of salt

Dab of honey


Add all ingredients to a non-reactive bowl, like stainless steel or glass. Whisk together well and drizzle over dish to serve.

** If you’re making dressing ahead of time, place all ingredients into container. Shake before serving (oil and vinegar will separate!)

Fun add ins: minced garlic or ginger, sliced green onions, dab mustard, dab soy sauce. Get creative!

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