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Chef Ace Champion combines Louisiana and Wisconsin cuisines for big game this weekend

Chef Ace Champion creates Louisiana and Wisconsin inspired dishes for Wisconsin Badgers-LSU Tigers matchup Saturday, Sept. 3 at Lambeau Field (WLUK)
Chef Ace Champion creates Louisiana and Wisconsin inspired dishes for Wisconsin Badgers-LSU Tigers matchup Saturday, Sept. 3 at Lambeau Field (WLUK)
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It’s been an exciting year for Chef Ace Champion. Not only has his show "The Chef Champion Show" been airing on FOX 11, but Ace has been teaching cooking classes and so much more.

Chef Ace joined FOX 11's Emily Deem on Good Day Wisconsin to talk about his preps for his final show.

In honor of the LSU vs. Badgers football game at Lambeau Field this weekend, Chef Ace created some Louisiana/Wisconsin inspired dishes.

Pan-Seared Blackened Salmon

Makes 2 to 3 servings


Wild Caught SalmonAbout 1 poundSkin removed or frozen/ & bottom cleaned

Blackening Seasoning2 tablespoonOr your favorite combination of spices

Avocado Oil 1/2 cupEnough to sear all 4 fish/or any Cooking Oil

Dried Basil1 tablespoon Or any dried leafy herb/this helps the sear

Riesling 1/4 cupReduced by half/or any white wine

Organic Lemon2 tablespoon Or lime


1.Season the salmon on both sides with the blackening seasoning & dried basil. Drizzle some of the oil over the fish and rub in lightly. Allow the fish to marinate for about 10 minutes at room temperature so the fish soaks all the flavors. Before searing, pat down any excess liquid from the fish using paper towels. (This will help you get a good sear.

2.Heat a frying pan just big enough to fit the fish in. Start off with 1/4 cup of avocado oil on high heat. Allow the oil to get hot. (About 1 minute or until you see a little smoke).

3.Carefully place the fillets in the hot oil. Cook on medium high for about 1 minutes. Turn them on the other side and cook for another 2 minutes (depending on how thick the fillets are). You’re looking for a nice dark color on both sides.

4.Transfer fish to a baking dish just big enough for the fish to fit in comfortable.

5.In a small bowl mix the wine and lime or lemon juice. Pour the mixture over the fish.

6.Finish the fish in a pre-heated 325 degree oven for about 5 minutes. The internal tempter should be about 140 to145 degrees.

7. When the fish is done allow it to rest for a few minutes before serving.

Presentation: Using a large white plate add the salmon in the middle of the plate then top with fresh mango salsa. Then garnish with a little fresh parsley.



2 ripe mangos, diced

1 medium red bell pepper, chopped

1/2 cup chopped red onion

1/4 cup packed fresh cilantro leaves, chopped

1 Serrano or jalapeno, seeded and minced

1 large lime, juiced (about 1/4 cup lime juice)

? to 1/4 teaspoon salt, to taste

Scallions or green onions


1.In a serving bowl, combine the prepared mango, bell pepper, onion, cilantro and jalapeño. Drizzle with the juice of one lime and mix well. Season to taste with salt. For best flavor, let the salsa rest for 10 minutes or longer.


Mango salsa adapted from the mango Pico in my Thai mango cabbage wraps.

STORAGE SUGGESTIONS: Honestly, I'll be amazed if you have any salsa leftovers! You can store the salsa in the refrigerator, covered, for several days. It will be best fresh, though.

Cherry Delight Bread Pudding

Serving: 12 servings Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time 60 minutes


Day old French Bread12 to 14 cupsCubed 1-inch/ about 2 loafs

Salted Butter1 tablespoonsReal

Heavy Cream2 1/2 cups

Whole Milk2 cups

Cherry Juice 1/2 cups Cherry Delight Brand

Brown Organic Eggs 6 large

Light Brown Sugar1 3/4 cup

Madagascar Vanilla 2 tablespoonOr any vanilla extract

Ground nutmeg2 teaspoons

Ground Cinnamon 2 tablespoon

Frozen Cherries 1/2 cupDrained from juices. Cherry Delight Brand or dried cherries

Raisons 1/4 cupSoaked in rum

Dark Rum 1/4 cup


1.Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Place the bread in a large bowl. Grease a 9 by 13-ing casserole dish with butter or cooking oil and set aside. In a small bowl add the raisins and rum. Allow to soak for about 1 hour

2.In a large bowl add the eggs and whisk well. Combine the heavy cream, whole milk, cherry juice, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and the rum soaked raisons, in a large bowl. Whisk to mix well making sure all ingredients are bonded well. Pour the cream mixture over the bread, and stir to combine. Allow the mixture to sit at room temperature for 10-15 minutes mixing every 5 minutes to make sure all liquid is absorbed.

3.Transfer the bread mixture to a 9 x 12 baking casserole dish and bake until the center of the bread pudding is set, about 50 to 65 minutes. Remove from oven and allow carry over cooking. This should take about 20 more minutes. For best result refrigerate the bread pudding for a few hours then cut and reheat on a low 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. You can serve warm or cold.


Cut Bread Pudding into a circle using a circle cookie cutter or into 3x3 squares. Top the warm bread pudding with warm Cherry Whiskey Custard sauce.

Recipe Created by: Chef Champion for Country Ovens/Cherry Delight

Cherry Whiskey Custard Sauce

Serving 12 servings


Whiskey Sauce

Whole Milk 1/4 cup

Heavy Cream2 cups

White Sugar 1/2 cupGranulated

Madagascar Vanilla Bean2 teaspoonsOr regular vanilla extract

Cornstarch1 Tablespoon

Whiskey 1/2 cupOr your favorite liquor

Cherrie Juice 1/2 Reduced by half Cherry Delight


1.Place cornstarch and 1/2 of the whiskey in a small mixing bowl and whisk to blend and make whiskey slurry. Set aside.

2.In a 1-quart saucepan set over medium heat, combine the cream, milk, vanilla, and sugar. Cook for about 3 minutes until the sauce is slightly thickened. Add in the reduced cherry juice and mix well.

3.Pour the slurry into the cream mixture and continue cooking. Add in the rest of the whisky and continue cooking. Once the sauce begins to boil, reduce the heat to a gentle simmer and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 2 minutes or until the sauce has thickened. . Serve soon or refrigerate for later use.

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Recipe Created by: Chef Champion for Country Ovens/Cherry Delight

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