Narrow stretch of fog gathers over Leo Frigo Bridge

Fog gathers over the Leo Frigo Bridge and downtown Green Bay, March 28, 2017. (WLUK)

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- It was a welcome break in the dreary, overcast weather pattern Tuesday as the sun was shining brightly.

However, if you were anywhere near Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay Tuesday morning, it may have been hard to see the sun, let alone anything else.

Thick fog enveloped the area around the bridge, making it hard to make out the structure at all.

Here's why it was foggy in one area but not in others.

There are some components that you look for when it comes to any kind of fog event:

  • You need at least some low-level moisture, which we had with all the wet dreary weather the last few days.
  • You also need cool temperatures, which we had Monday night with skies clearing out.
  • And light or calm winds also help so the air settles rather than getting all mixed up.

The reason why there were a few trouble spots Tuesday morning was really because of how cold Green Bay and Lake Michigan still are.

While not ice-covered, there's still plenty of ice on Green Bay, and Lake Michigan is still very cold.

And when you have a thin, relatively flat peninsula like the Door Peninsula, it's easy for it to get kind of overrun by the surrounding air.

The fog thickened up and expanded over the entire peninsula on the visible satellite imagery from Tuesday, and extended all the way down into Green Bay.

Temperatures dropped off, like they did everywhere but the dew points were just a little higher there, meaning there was more moisture.

And with a light northeasterly breeze, that's what pushed the fog down into downtown Green Bay.

And Wednesday night we may have a similar setup on our hands, so we might have to watch out for reduced visibility yet again.

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