April is ending with cool temps. How will May shape up?

Statewide 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook (WLUK)

(WLUK) -- This probably isn't going to come as a surprise but the month of April has been running warm.

Temperatures through the 26th were on track to be the fifth-warmest April on record -- that was, until Thursday.

Not including Thursday, the average monthly temperature was 49.5 degrees, nearly 6 degrees warmer than the monthly average.

This number will likely change dramatically over the next four days as temperatures are set to run 5-15 degrees cooler than what the end of April typically brings.

In fact, Northeast Wisconsin has the best chance in the entire country of seeing below-average temperatures to end the month of April and start the month of May.

Although May starts off cool, the rest of the month has an equal chance of experiencing average temperatures.

Keep in mind this is just a prediction and we'll have to wait and see what Mother Nature truly has in store. But, for a month with an average high of 68, I don't think many of us would mind average.

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