Six tornadoes hit southern Wisconsin

Three tornadoes hit southern Wisconsin

The worst severe weather of the summer season hit parts of southern Wisconsin late Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

Six tornadoes were confirmed Tuesday by the National Weather Service, but luckily no one died as a result of these storms.

The hardest hit areas are Platteville, Verona, and the west side of Madison.

The state says two tornadoes hit Platteville, one touched down near Verona, two more were confirmed in Green County near Blanchardville. A fourth tornado touched down in Madison, a mile from the Wisconsin State Capitol building. But heavy winds that weren't part of these tornadoes also did plenty of damage.

Clean-up is underway in Platteville after severe storms rolled through overnight. The city's southwest side suffered the worst with trees and power lines down, and storefronts shattered. Five people were injured from flying debris. At least 40 homes reported damaged, some of them to the ground.

“At this point we have identified 12 homes that have been completely demolished,” said Platteville City Manager Larry Bierke.

On the UW-Platteville campus enough damage to shut it down for the day. Only essential employees asked to report to work.

“We had four buildings including three residence halls and engineering hall and Pioneer Stadium receive some pretty substantial damage,” said Paul Erickson with UW-Platteville.

One hundred and thirty miles to the northeast in Verona, at least 19 homes can no longer be lived in. Another 150 homes have minor damage. Over at Country View Elementary School a wall partially collapsed.

One homeowner who took cover with her son in her basement describes the storm as it hit.

“We could hear it crashing down around us upstairs and water started pouring in because of the rain,” said Suzanne Qualia of Verona.

And just up the road from Verona in Madison, the line of severe weather tore roofs from houses. At least 16 homes were severely damaged on the southwest and the near east side. But with all the destruction in Madison, comes no reports of serious injury. And through tears, one resident who lost her home was able to find a little humor in it all.

“We know we need an emergency kit now, but yeah we'll be fine. Roll with the punches.”

In all of Dane County, emergency management officials received about 350 reports of storm damage.

Power outages for the southern counties affected more than 12,000 customers.

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