Lack of tornadoes in Wisconsin this year very unusual

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This lack of severe weather so far in 2014 is starting to become a notable stretch in Wisconsin's recent history.

Statewide, through Tuesday, there have only been 69 reports of severe weather. That includes tornadoes, winds, and large hail.

Since 2000, Wisconsin has averaged about 140 reports of severe weather through the end of May in any given year.

In other words, we've had about as half as much severe weather as can be expected based on our 15 year average through this point.

In Northeast Wisconsin, there has really only been one instance of a storm producing significant damage this year.

A severe storm on April 12 kicked up winds of up to 75 miles per hour, resulting in damage through parts of Calumet and Manitowoc counties.

It did major damage to the roof of an elementary school in Cleveland.

The most unusual part of the slow start is the lack of tornadoes.

We have yet to see a tornado anywhere in the state.

Historically, Wisconsin sees about 7 tornadoes by this time, in a typical year.

The last time we went this long to start a year without a tornado was in 1997.

That year, the first one wasn't reported until June 15 in Dunn County.

1997 ultimately ended up seeing about 10 less tornadoes than average for the entire year, a trend that we will hopefully also mimic this year in 2014.