Hail storm damages crops in Door County

Hail coats the ground after a Door County storm

DOOR COUNTY - Hail piles remained on the ground hours after a storm raced across northern Door County Monday night, coating roadways, and causing crop damage.

Bruised, broken and battered. Bob Fellner, of Fellner Orchards, says his 60-acre apple crop is gone.

"Like someone just chewed them up," said Fellner.

Fellner saw the damage early Tuesday morning from the estimated one-inch hail on his farm north of Sturgeon Bay.

"Sometimes with the smaller hail, you just get a little dent on them. The trees will be fine. You can sell them for hail grade, or deer apples, or at lest juice. With these, there's really nothing you can do. It's a complete loss," said Fellner.

Just up the road, cherries litter the ground at Choice Orchards. Co-owner Debbie Musil says one half of her crop was lost.

At the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station, superintendent Matt Stasiak says every type of crop on the 20-acre site was affected.

"Whether it's annual crop like corn, or wheat we've lost. All our perennial fruit crops have been damaged where we won't be harvesting any of them for anything," said Stasiak.

And at the nearby Cherry Hills Golf Course, "Winter rules in effect today, yes," said Carl Beckstrom, Cherry Hills Golf Course Manager.

Beckstrom says the front nine was unplayable.

"Eight, this area. This is nothing but white. You can't see the green and then along three and six, the ground was completely white," said Beckstrom.

From the fairways, to the roadways, it's a storm that left its mark.

"At least ten hours after it, there's still, I'm still standing in ice and snow, and hail. It's one of those things I think you're in awe of it, than anything. Especially driving around you see the damage. It's just jaw-dropping," said Fellner.

A storm moving through with unusually cold air aloft produced the hail.

You can click here to view photos on the hail damage in Door County.