Despite hazardous outlook, Door County beaches see pleasant Monday

beach hazard statement door county

SEVASTOPOL - Some of the hottest days of the year so far are upon us.

Temperatures rose into the upper 80's Monday.

And it's very humid outside.

If you were along the lake shore, then conditions were a little more comfortable.

But there were winds to worry about, making beach swimming potentially dangerous.

A beach hazards statement was issued this morning by the Green Bay National Weather Service.

The concern was for strong currents and waves of 2 to 4 feet due to southerly winds, creating dangerous swimming conditions along Lake Michigan.

The worst case scenario never developed, however.

There was been a lot of chop and one to two foot waves, but that was about it.

A small sailboat was able to get started out on a trip from the beach in one spot.

In Sevastopol, near the boat launch on Whitefish Bay, people were kayaking and walking along the beach.

And at Whitefish Dunes State Park, swimmers were enjoying the water in the designated swim areas.

Most people seemed more worried about water temps hovering around 50 degrees than the waves.

Park manager Fred Viste said they saw, "primarily one and a half to three foot waves. We haven't seen anything in the four foot (range)."

John Roche, who has been vacationing in Door County for the past 30 years, said he wasn't too worried. "The waves right now are nothing, if it were warmer the kids would be playing. Maybe there's more severe weather coming but this is nothing."

The beach hazard statement is expected to expire at 9pm.