After very average May weather, June could differ from norms

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If you could only use one word to describe the month of May, it would be average.

There was really nothing extreme one way or another about its temperatures or precipitation.

We got just under 3 inches of rain, only two-hundredths of an inch above the normal mark, and nowhere near the record.

Temperature wise, we were 1.6 degrees above average, at around 56 degrees, again well short of the warmest month on record.

But as we head into June, we could see some more appreciable departures.

The Climate Prediction Center is forecasting most of Wisconsin and the northern plains to have a 40 percent better than average chance of seeing cooler than normal weather.

And when it comes to rain, this wet start we've seen could continue.

They think we have a 33 percent better chance than average at seeing a wetter June than normal.