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      A strong storm moving through Minnesota will bring rain to the area tonight and early tomorrow. Far northwest sections may mix with wet snow at times.

      Tonight will bring periods of rain as the center of the storm passes to our west. The rain will mix with snow for far northwest areas. Low temperatures will be near 35 (near 32 up north) and winds pick up out of the east at 10-15 mph.

      Tomorrow we will have rain showers in the morning, then mostly cloudy and breezy conditions in the afternoon, with a high near 37. Winds become southwest in the afternoon at 10 to 20 mph.

      The storm is moving away on Wednesday and after some morning flurries the skies will be mostly cloudy with a high near 36 degrees.

      By Thursday, partly cloudy skies return with temperatures a bit above average, in the upper 30s.

      Friday look Mostly Sunny with a high near 40.

      The weekend looks sunny as well with highs in the mid 40's Saturday and low 40's on Sunday.

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