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      Arctic air will continue to bring bitterly cold temperatures through Saturday.

      Skies are just partly cloudy tonight as temperatures drop to around 3 degrees.

      Tomorrow will be partly sunny to start, but clouds increase as the day wears on and some light snow and flurries will pass through late in the day. Highs reach 14 degrees. (The normal high for this time of the year is 27)

      The weekend will start extremely cold with a wake up temperature of -7 and wind chills about -25 at sunrise. Highs on Saturday will be near 8 degrees and wind chills will be -10 to -20 all day under mostly sunny skies.

      After a cold start, clouds move back in Sunday and the high climbs to 18. Some light snow is possible over the second half of the day.

      Up to 2 or 3 inches of snow is possible Sunday afternoon and Sunday night.

      President's Day, Monday, will bring cloudy skies, light snow showers, and a high of 28 degrees.

      Tuesday stays cloudy with possible flurries and highs reach 30 degrees.

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