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      A storm system in the western United States is heading toward Minnesota. This storm will bring rain showers to the area, and eventually some snow flurries.

      Tonight clouds will slowly increase with a low in the mid 20s.

      Cloudy skies are likely tomorrow and some scattered rain showers may pass through the area ahead of the storm, especially in the afternoon. The high will be near 40 degrees tomorrow

      Widespread precipitation will move over the area tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. Most of our area will have rain showers, but northwest sections may change to a wet snow overnight. The low tomorrow night drops to 33 degrees.

      In the cooler air Tuesday we will have Mostly Cloudy skies and a few pockets of snow flurries. The high will still reach 39.

      The storm is moving away on Wednesday and skies will be Mostly Cloudy still with a high near 40 degrees.

      By Thursday, sunshine returns with temperatures a bit above average, in the upper 30s.

      Friday and the start of the weekend look sunny as well with highs near 40 degrees on Friday and in the mid 40's Saturday.

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