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      It'll be a quiet day today with rain developing as we head into Thanksgiving Day.

      For the big travel day today, it's looking pretty quiet for most of the day. Clouds will increase and there's a chance of drizzle or showers this afternoon. The high temperature will be near 45 (the normal high is 37).

      It'll be cloudy with rain showers tonight and a low near 42.

      Tomorrow for Thanksgiving, it will be cloudy and wet with a high near 45. We're closely monitoring the rain/snow line for Thursday as colder air will drop into the area and change the rain to snow from north to south.

      Right now it looks like mostly rain for the Packers game so get the rain gear ready. At game time, it'll be near 38 degrees with rain and north/northeast winds at 10 to 20 mph.

      Snow will mix in with the rain late Thursday evening and eventually change to all snow, but appreciable accumulations aren't expected except over far northern sections. Green Bay may end up with a slushy half-inch or so by Friday morning. Lows eventually drop to around 30 degrees.

      For Black Friday we could see a few flurries or snow showers early on, but otherwise just partly sunny skies and a high of 34.

      The weekend will be dominated by a high pressure, fair weather system. Saturday and Sunday's highs will be in the mid 30s with plenty of sunshine.

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