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      Relief from the bitter cold air arrives today, but, not before morning lows bottom out well below zero.

      This Valentine's Day, with love in the air, we see a little more warmth as highs climb to 23. Clouds will build through the morning as our next snow maker inches closer.

      Snow will develop this afternoon with a 1-3 inches of snow possible by Monday morning for most of the area. Lake enhanced snow may lead to high totals of 2-4 inches along the Lakeshore. Although it's not expected to be a major snowfall, travel conditions could deteriorate Sunday evening and overnight, so take care if you are out and about.

      Snow falls through the overnight with a low of 18.

      President's Day is Monday and after some snow showers early, we'll see cloudy skies and highs reaching a seasonable 27 degrees.

      Tuesday will be milder, reaching the low 30s, but a few snow showers are possible yet again as a weak wave of energy passes through the area. Accumulations look to be minimal.

      Though temperatures take a step back to near 20 on Wednesday, it's looking like we could reach the 40s by the time we head into next weekend.

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