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      After a near normal high temperature today (normal high is 25), we'll warm up into the 30s for the weekend.

      A weak storm system moves past the area tonight bringing no more than clouds and some flurries. Lows will be near 20.

      The weekend brings warmer temperatures with a chance for snow Sunday and Monday.

      Saturday will be nice with mostly cloudy skies and a high near 30. There could be some cloud breaks in the middle of the day so we we'll see a bit of sunshine.

      Though we could see a couple flurries early Sunday morning, most will stay dry but still cloudy. A fast-moving Clipper storm system will push through the region Sunday evening and could result in a bit of snow. Highs Sunday will be in the mid 30s.

      The light snow showers will continue into Monday with highs near 34 again. Accumulations will be light, with perhaps up to an inch or two in some spots.

      The weather then turns colder as we move into the middle of next week.

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