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      Very cold air settled in overnight and will linger to begin the weekend.

      A wind chill advisory remains effect for the entire area until 9 am today. Wind Chills to -25 could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 20 minutes.

      Although we see plenty of sunshine today, highs only reach 8 degrees this afternoon with wind chill values well below zero throughout the day.

      After a cold start, clouds move back in Sunday, Valentine's Day, and the high climbs to 20. Snow will develop in the afternoon with no more than a couple inches of accumulation by late Sunday night. Although it's not expected to be a major snowfall, travel conditions will worsen throughout Sunday evening.

      President's Day, Monday, will bring morning flurries, cloudy skies, and a high of 28 degrees.

      Tuesday stays cloudy with possible flurries and highs reach 32 degrees.

      After temperatures drop into the teens Wednesday, indications are that there will be a warm up as we head into next weekend.

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