Offense and defense make plays on Family Night

Aaron Rodgers makes a throw during Packers Family Night, presented by Bellin Health, Aug. 2, 2014, at Lambeau Field. (WLUK/Juli Buehler)

GREEN BAY — Packers Family Night was reduced to a practice this year, but it didn't stop fans from filling up Lambeau Field and cheering on their favorite team Saturday night as a Family Night record crowd of 67,336 fans showed up.

"I liked tonight," coach Mike McCarthy said. "I thought the environment was incredible. The fans were phenomenal. The energy was tremendous."

The practice started with a pass from quarterback Aaron Rodgers to Randall Cobb. After about an 8-yard gain, Rodgers and some linemen ran the length of the field and did Lambeau Leaps.

On the next play, DuJuan Harris had long run of a screen pass, showing good speed and quickness.

After some drill work, the Packers went 11-on-11. Here's the play-by-play.

Aaron Rodgers throws ball away, nobody open.
Eddie Lacy runs for 10 yards.
Rodgers throws incomplete.
Rodgers to Cobb in the left flat for about seven yards.
On the No. 1 offense's final play, Rodgers threw deep to Jordy Nelson on a two-player route and was incomplete.
Analysis: Defense wins battle, looks good against offense.

Matt Flynn replaced Rodgers and threw a complete pass for 15 yards on the first play.
Flynn then hit Alex Gillett on a swing pass on the right side for about seven yards.
On the next play, Mike Hill ran for three yards up the middle.
Rajion Neal then ran for five yards.
Then in a five-receiver set, Flynn threw incomplete.
On fourth-and-one Neal went outside and ran 22 yards.
Analysis: Neal showed good speed and opened eyes on the drive. Offense wins.

Scott Tolzien's first play resulted in a short run by Ladarius Perkins.
Another run for Perkins loses two yards.
Tolzien then threw across the middle to Perkins for a four-yard gain.
Analysis: Not much offense. Two runs and a short pass. Defense wins.

Rodgers returns and throws a strike for 12 yards.
On the next play, Rodgers dumps off a pass to Lacy over the middle for about 10 yards.
On a third-and-8 play, Rodgers hits Nelson on a 10-yard gain on the left sideline.
Rodgers then throws incomplete to Nelson.
Analysis: Some good throws by Rodgers to Nelson. Offense wins.

Tolzien returns and on his first play he hands off to James Starks who runs about three yards.
Tolzien then executes a perfect play-action and hits a wide-open Chris Harper who drops the pass. It was slightly underthrown, but Harper has to make that catch.
Tolzien regroups and finds Myles White for about 20 yards across the middle.
Tolzien hits Gerrard Shepard on a wide receiver screen for about 10 yards.
Harris then shows his speed and runs 15 yards around the right side.
On the ensuing play, Tolzien is sacked after not finding a receiver.
On fourth-and-one, Hill fumbles the hand-off and loses yards.
Analysis: Tolzien looked sharp, but a dropped pass was big. Offense still wins.

Flynn returns and hands off to Neal for a short gain.
On the next play, Flynn goes play-action and hits a wide-open Cole Lyerla, who leaps a defender and gains 10 yards.
Flynn then finds tight end Justin Perillo for three yards and the session ends.
Analysis: Stoneburner makes nice play, not much else happens. Offense wins.

Near the end of practice the team was in the 2-minute drill with Flynn running the offense.
First play, he threw complete to Harris for four yards.
After an offensive penalty, Sean Richardson broke up a pass down the right sideline.
On third-and-11, Flynn hits Davante Adams for an 11-yard gain.
A screen pass to Harris then gains one yard.
A swing pass to Harris gains 10 yards on a first down. (36 seconds left on clock, ball on 43)
Flynn then throws behind Gillett.
On second down, Flynn throws behind Adams.
Flynn finds Gillett this time for nine yards, setting up fourth-and-one with 18 seconds left.
Flynn looks to Gillett again, but the ball was just out of Gillett's reach.
Analysis: Defense does enough to win as offense doesn't make any big plays.

On the next two-minute drill, Tolzien took over at QB with 1:42 on the clock.
On first down, Tolzien shovels the ball to Hill for nine yards.
Tolzien then fails to connect with Kevin Dorsey, setting up third down.
Tolzien then finds a wide-open Perillo for about 20 yards and a first down.
Tolzien then gets his pass batted down.
Hill then takes a dump-off pass from Tolzien for six yards.
Tolzien scrambles for four yards and a first down.
Tolzien tries to find White on the sideline, but he can't stay inbound.
On second down Hill catches a pass over the middle, he gains about 10 yards and loses a fumble on a rough hit by Jake Doughty.
Analysis: Tolzien made some nice, safe passes and if not for a fumble, maybe leads the team to a touchdown, Defense wins, though, with the turnover.

Practice ended with Mason Crosby kicking field goals and made all six kicks ranging from 28 to 50 yards.

Overall, both the offense and defense made plays. It was just the seventh practice of camp. Neal and Harris showed good speed and Richardson made a nice defensive play. Plenty to work on, but there's time.

"I thought we improved as a football team tonight," McCarthy said.

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