Tretter taking steps forward at center

Lane Taylor (65) and JC Tretter (73) take part in stretching during Packers' practice.

GREEN BAY - JC Tretter's first football game of any kind since November 2012 won't be quickly forgotten, Mother Nature made sure of that. Monsoon like conditions created an extra challenge for the Packers trigger man. "It will be a memorable one, that is probably the worst rain game I ever played in," Tretter said.

Mike McCarthy was certainly pleased with the way the second year player out of Cornell performed. "To go out and handle the football the way he did in his first start is huge. I think he'll have a lot of confidence from. I know it gives me more confidence to see him play the way he did especially in that environment."

Offensive line coach James Campen, a successful NFL center himself, was equally pleased. “He was on top of his calls and made some really nice blocks. I'm really proud of the way he performed."

Tretter graded out well against Tennessee but he knows good enough isn't enough for the Packers.

"Now it's about fixing those things so you don't have repeat mistakes,” Tretter said. “You try to get rid of the things that you did wrong and get you corrected."

Aaron Rodgers watched the Tennessee game from the sideline but he threw his support behind Tretter. "He's confident in there with Josh and TJ. It's a blessing to play with those two guys but it's also tough. They're very demanding as am I with your preparation and the tempo we're playing at and the execution."

Campen said Tretter will get a good test on Saturday against the Rams and their impressive defensive line. "Playing on AstroTurf is going to be a new thing for him. It will be a new growth period for him. We expect he'll play better than he did last week and it's a new experience and a new environment and we're looking forward to seeing him in it."

Saturday will also be the first chance to see Aaron Rodgers taking game snaps from Tretter. Though Coach Campen says that shouldn't change how JC performs. "No matter who is back there your urgency is the same and your job is the same” We’ll know Saturday night if Tretter feels the same way.