Trees planted at Lambeau Field

Trees planted at Lambeau Field

GREEN BAY - If you drive by Lambeau Field, aside from construction you might see new trees popping up.

It's part of the Packers' First Downs for Trees program.

Each first down is worth about two trees, the team had 351 first downs last season.

Trees were planted Thursday morning near the atrium.

The team says 720 were donated so far this year to 18 communities.

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy says the tree planting also showcases the construction.

"In the three years that we've had the program we've planted over 2,700 trees,” Murphy said. “I think it’s really exciting for people to see all the changes and see the impact that the program has had with the new trees.”

The trees planted this year mostly came from local nurseries, some came from a nursery in Springville, New York.