Fans talk about Favre announcement, legacy

Green Bay Packers' quarterback Brett Favre runs off the field as the final seconds run off the clock in their game Sunday, Dec. 24, 1995, against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers won 24-19 to win the NFC Central title for the first time since 1972. (AP Photo/Jeff Phelps)

GREEN BAY - The Green Bay Packers will add quarterback Brett Favre to the team's Hall of Fame and retire his number next July.

While it's clear Favre has left a lasting impression on Packers fans, people have many different views on the decision to honor the three-time NFL MVP and the timing of the decision.

"We need that number up there with Nitschke and all the rest, Starr and them," said Gary Boes of Oconto.

Favre's name is on a restaurant near Lambeau. A short road is also named 'Brett Favre Pass.' By the end of next season, the quarterback's name will be hanging inside Lambeau.

"He brought winning football back to Green Bay, and ever since then we've been winning," said Boes.

"Well, he's a gunslinger," said Garry Glime of Green Bay. "He put a lot of excitement, good and bad, into the game. It was never boring when he was back there."

"Disappointed to see him go to the Vikings, but we still have him in our hearts and I think his number is ready to be retired," said Colleen Kesting of Lake Placid, Florida.

Mary Blanco of Pensacola, Florida also said she loves the green and gold.

"Been a Packer fan before Favre," said Blanco.

But she doesn't believe Favre deserves the honors.

"He was good in his time, but does that matter now? No, I guess because I was here at all of those practices when he was supposed to show up and he was supposed to be here and he wasn't sure if he was going to the Vikings or staying," said Blanco. "He just needs to go.

Meanwhile, Ed Berndt of Green Bay thinks Favre should have already been recognized by the Packers.

"I thought it was about time," said Berndt, after hearing about Monday's announcement. "I think he was treated very unfairly, because all the guy wanted to do was play football. Now how can you blame a person for that?"

The overwhelming majority of people I talked to said Favre should be honored.

"Who's to say when the right time is? But yes, he's been away from the sport, even though he kind of was flip-flopping there for a while, but yeah, he is more than deserving," said Lynn Royal of Kannapolis, North Carolina.

One question that won't be answered until the game comes next season - will fans at Lambeau 'boo' Favre when his name and number are unveiled?

Almost all of the fans FOX 11 talked to Monday said they expect a little negativity, but they believe the strong majority will be supportive of the legendary quarterback.

Favre said he's not concerned about the crowd's reaction. He also said he would be open to coming back to Green Bay during this season.