Notre Dame Academy alum Michael Karow selected in 5th round of NHL Draft

Michael Karow talks to media after being selected by the Arizona Coyotes during the fifth round of the NHL hockey draft, Saturday, June 24, 2017, in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

GLENDALE, AZ (WLUK) -- Former Notre Dame Academy hockey standout Michael Karow was selected in the 5th round of the NHL draft over the weekend and is currently training at the Arizona Coyotes facility in Glendale.

“It was kind of a surreal moment,' said Karow. "You walk down, you get the jersey and the hat, you shake everyone’s hand down the table get to know some guys and then from there you get to start knowing the organization, knowing the people that are all down at the draft.”

Karow, and his high school coach Corey McCracken, realized his potential early and put the young defenseman on a fast-track to success.

“I think one of the selling points on Michael is just his work ethic and his character, he’s just a great kid," said McCracken. "He works extremely hard so he kind of forged that path for himself just by performing at a high level.”

“I can’t say how much he helped me along the way," said Karow. "Aside from the hockey stuff it was more so how to handle myself on the ice and off the ice and just kind of making sure that I’m watching my body language and everything and just being a professional is what he helped me.”

Instead of playing his senior year of hockey for Notre Dame, Karow played for the Youngstown Phantoms in the USHL giving him the exposure he needed to make the jump to the pros.

“He took an aggressive route, it was really aggressive for his thought process his senior year and it paid off for him,” said McCracken.

But, Karow won’t be hitting the rink for the Coyotes just yet.

“I’ll go to Boston college next year and play there and they’ll kind of keep me under their wing and watch me and give me things to work on and develop and continue to develop for a few years and then when they see that I’m fit and ready they sign you to a deal,” said Karow.

“From a development standpoint Boston College is one of the premiere programs in the country at developing players and helping them achieve their goals of playing pro hockey or college hockey," MCracken said. "He’s walking into a great opportunity at Boston College and how he plays there and what his development looks like there will depend on how long he stays at Boston College."

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