Grzesk recalls college matchup with Jason Kidd

St. Norbert head basketball coach Gary Grzesk recalls squaring off with Jason Kidd in college.

DE PERE - Before he was the coach of the St. Norbert basketball team, Gary Grzesk was a standout basketball player for the Green Bay Phoenix. Arguably the high point of his career came in the 1994 NCAA tournament when the 12th seeded Phoenix upset 5th seeded California, who were led by star point guard Jason Kidd. Grzesk guarded Kidd for much of the game and Kidd went just four of seventeen from the floor.

Twenty years later, Kidd is now the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks and that's led many people to reminisce about Green Bay's NCAA tournament win and that includes talking about the job Grzesk and his teammates did guarding Kidd.

FOX11's Jude Wilbers talked to the St. Nobert coach about the experience and whether we'll see Kidd popping up in the Green Bay area any time soon.