Taking a sneak peek at the Herd's arena

Oshkosh Arena in the middle of the building process on August 16, 2017       (WLUK/Mike Moon)

OSHKOSH (WLUK) -- Take a sneak peek with us inside the Bucks G-League arena. The Wisconsin Herd's facility is about half-way done.

Wednesday afternoon, project leaders for the Oshkosh arena made a big announcement.

"Thrilled to name Verve Credit Union as our first major sponsor for the Oshkosh arena," said Greg Pierce, the president of Fox Valley Professional Basketball.

Verve's sponsorship will provide free parking for arena visitors for five years.

Before that announcement we toured the arena itself to see how construction is coming along.

"Probably 50 or 60 percent of the way done. The biggest issue for us is weather, but that should be eliminated, probably within the next two weeks," Pierce explained.

Pierce said builders should have the roof on by the end of next week. Then the inside amenities will take on greater shape.

This arena's being built so that it can be transformed from basketball-based to ice hockey-based in the future, if all goes according to plan.

"The NBA and the Bucks would like to have, if this is a success and they're selling out every game, they want to build a bigger facility," explained Bill Aubrey, a senior project architect with Bayland Buildings, the company building the Oshkosh Arena.

Aubrey told FOX 11 Herd team leaders would want that bigger facility somewhere else in Oshkosh, making this an ice hockey arena if that success happens over the next five years.

We also learned the estimated cost of the Herd's home has gone up from $16 to $21 million. Pierce and Aubrey told us new amenities for fans are partly driving up the cost.

"For a technologically advanced arena we're actually gonna be quite far ahead of anybody else in the G-League," explained Pierce.

"We're also redesigned the entire exterior of the facility halfway through. So that added a substantial amount of cost," added Aubrey.

To help offset the cost there are plans to bring events other than Herd games here.

"We're added infrastructure for concert, special shows, tournaments," Aubrey told us.

"We do plan on 50 or 60 non-basketball events within the building," Pierce added.

We're told about five of those events are booked at this point.

The arena is expected to be done by Nov. 17. A season schedule for the team should be released within the next two weeks.

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