Golden Apple recipient Ashley Post has a positive impact on kindergarten class

Post reads with students and helps them sound out words. (WLUK/Gabrielle Mays)

Words are all around us and when you're in kindergarten, sometimes they're hard to understand.

But when you have a teacher like Ashley Post, reading and writing gets a little bit easier every time you pick up book or pencil.

"We are building the foundations in kindergarten to make sure they have all the skills and the knowledge in place so that when they go on throughout education/careers, they're ready to be lifelong learners and they're read to be successful," said Golden Apple recipient Ashley Post.

Post teaches at Wrightstown Elementary School and she knows her students have a desire to learn and she works with them constantly to make sure they understand what she's teaching.

"If they didn't get it, the next day, I am pulling those few kids in that small group so I can reteach it to them, to give them the opportunity maybe tech it in a different way," Post said.

Even when class is in session, Post likes to give her students a dance break to keep them interested.

And she'll tell you her kindergarteners are more than just students.

"When they enter my classroom, they do become a part of my heart and they leave and they will always be a part of who I am," she said.

Even though Post has only been teaching for a few years, her goal is to leave a positive impact on every student who steps inside her classroom.

"I hope, 20 years from now, they'll be able to come back and remember me as their kindergarten teacher and think, 'Wow she really, she cared about me, she brought me into her classroom and helped me be the best I could be,"' she said.

Post is one of two teachers within the Wrightstown Community School District named a Golden Apple recipient this year.

FOX 11's Tom Milbourn and Michelle Melby kicked off the nomination period for the 23rd annual Golden Apple Awards in November.

The Teachers of Distinction were announced in February and the final list of Golden Apple recipients announced in March.

This year's Golden Apple Awards ceremony is set for April 20. Click here to register to attend the awards program.

The Golden Apple Awards are a program of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, with support from major sponsors.

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