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      Witness videos of controversial arrest

      Thumbnail for Derek Wicklund arrest online extra videos
      Thumbnail for Derek Wicklund arrest online extra videos
      WARNING: The video above contains explicit language.The Green Bay Police Dept. has provided complete copies of videos that caught a controversial arrest outside bars on Washington St. in April. Police used these videos in their investigation.The videos show a confrontation between Officer Derek Wicklund and Joshua Wenzel. A portion of the cellphone video was posted on social media and caused an uproar in the community.The four videos above:1. Full cellphone video from a bystander. A portion of the video, which was posted online, sparked the initial uproar.2. Dash cam video from a Green Bay Police Dept. squad car.3. Surveillance video from The Nines, 121 S. Washington St.4. Surveillance video from Stir-Ups, 123 S. Washington St. (Shot off a screen with commentary from Green Bay police)