Wisconsin's costliest & deadliest tornadoes

Deadliest Tornadoes to hit Wisconsin (WLUK)

(WLUK) -- On this final day of Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week, we take a look back at some of Wisconsin's most dangerous tornadoes.

Wisconsin is no stranger to tornadoes. In fact we've see some costly and deadly ones over the years.

The top three combined did more than $100 million in damage during their time. In today's dollars, that figure soars to near $200 million.

The top three costliest tornadoes even to hit Wisconsin are as follows:

The top three deadliest took place in 1924 or earlier. We've seen vast improvements in warning technology since then which has helped reduce the number of deaths.

  • A Racine County tornado in 1883 is the third deadliest in Wisconsin history. It killed 25 and injured 100.
  • Two separate tornadoes, one in 1907 and the other in 1924, affecting a total of nine counties, killed the second-highest number of people. Each took the lives of 26 people.
  • Finally, the deadliest tornado in Wisconsin was the New Richmond Cyclone June 12, 1899, while the circus was in town. That tornado killed 117 and injured 125 more.
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