The extremes of March

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(WLUK) -- March is a month known for its ups and downs, with wild temperature swings and wavering snows.

With two days left in the month of March, including Thursday, it's shaping up to be an average one in both the temperature and precipitation departments.

Although March of 2017 won't have any extremes, Marches of the past do and some of them are impressive.

Since record-keeping began in 1886, only four times has it snowed 12" or more. One of those snows was a record 24" on a single March day back in 1888 which helped push that year's March snow total to a record 48.2". Conversely, it's also possible for very little snow to fall during a given March. In 2010, not even a trace of snow was received in Green Bay.

Temperatures are where the biggest extremes are seen.

The warmest high ever recorded during the month of March was 82° and it actually happened twice, once in 1910 and the other in 2012. Only one other time has the high reached 80° or warmer during March.

On the morning of March 1, 1962 the coldest temperature on record for the month was observed as the low fell to -29°.

From the coldest temperature to the warmest is a 111-degree temperature spread, the largest such spread for any month.

Another impressive stat is the dramatic spread between the warmest and second-warmest March on record. The record warmest March occurred in 2012 with a temperature of 46.3°. In second place is 1910 with a temperature of 41.4. That 's almost five degrees separation, something that is rare among temperature statistics.

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