Interview: Carson defends Trump on Good Day Wisconsin

FOX 11 News at Ten Anchor Mike Murad interviews former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson Aug. 23, 2016

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson spoke live with FOX 11 News at Ten anchor Mike Murad on Good Day Wisconsin Tuesday morning.

Carson now supports Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Last week in Wisconsin, Trump made a direct appeal to African-American voters, who are currently supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton by a wide margin. A recent FOX News poll showed Trump only had one percent support from African-Americans. Carson said the African-American voting block is one that has been written off by Republicans in the past. Carson said Trump plans to visit inner cities soon and speak with community leaders and residents.

Trump also recently indicated he wants to come up with a "fair but firm" policy when it comes to undocumented immigrants in the U.S. Earlier in his campaign, Trump said they're going "back where they came from." As for the possible adjustment in policy, Carson said Trump is now speaking with advisers more than in the past

Finally, Trump was asked about his blanket apology to anyone he has caused "pain" to for using "wrong words" occasionally during his campaign. Carson said it's never too late for a person to make amends.

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