Illinois father talks about daughter's camping death

Spahr family

CARY, Ill. - An Illinois man is now talking about losing his daughter while on a camping trip to Wisconsin.

Allison Spahr, her father Kevin, and her brother Kyle were staying at Devil's Lake State Park in Baraboo last weekend.

Early Sunday morning, a tree fell on their tent.

"I woke up to just a strange sound," said Kevin Spahr. "This strange creaking, ticking type of sound."

He says it was then, "Deadly quiet. And then a big crash. Sharp pain across my lower legs."

Kevin and Allison Spahr were trapped under the tree. Kyle Spahr was able to get out of the tent. He went to get help.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says Allison Spahr was declared dead at the scene. Kevin Spahr was treated at a hospital for cuts and bruises.

Park officials believe a thunderstorm may have weakened the tree, which otherwise appeared to be healthy.

When asked to describe his daughter, Kevin Spahr said simply, "She was a great kid."