Joint Finance Committee passes State Budget

Sept. 7, 2017/ Courtney Ryan - WLUK

MADISON (WLUK) --The state budget is heading to the Assembly for a vote next week.

Wdnesday night the Joint Finance Committee voted on the final items.

However, democrats said they were still disappointed with the spending plan turned out.

Two months after the budget was due.

(State Rep. John Nygren/R-Marinette) From the beginning we made an effort to try and continue to move Wisconsin forward."

Lawmakers on the Joint Finance Committee approved the 76 billion dollar budget which now goes the full legislature before landing on Governor Walker’s desk.

"Passes 12 to 4"

On Wednesday the committee rejected Governor Walker’s proposed income tax cut and his proposed sales tax holiday.

But the committee approved a 75 million dollar property tax cut for small businesses.

(State Sen. Alberta Darling/ R-River Hills) "And while we want to continue our cutting taxes, especially for the middle class at this point we felt that a lot of middle class people are small business people."

However, before the final vote, democrats expressed disappointment over the 410 million dollar transportation portion of the budget.

(State Rep. Gordon Hintz /D-Oshkosh) "Not delaying the costs of projects which increase with inflation, we got a punt"

Democrats also said they were also disappointed the committee waited until the end to take up education and transportation.

(State Rep. Gordon Hintz/D-Oshkosh) "Well, education would be one of the big things and, you know, the question is do you deserve credit for restoring cuts to the problems you created?"

The co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee say they're hopeful the budget can be on the Governor's desk within the next two weeks.

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