New governor’s race poll out today

Mary Burke (D), left, and Scott Walker (R)

MILWAUKEE - The latest Marquette Law School poll came out Wednesday and it shows not much has changed in the way the governor race could go between Republican incumbent Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke.

The poll shows Walker and Burke in a dead heat. Both candidates say they figured it would be that way.

“I've said for a year it would be a tight election,” said Walker.

“It is going to be about people getting out to the polls,” said Burke.

Among 815 registered voters, Walker leads Burke 47.5 percent to 44.1 percent. Five percent are undecided. A month ago, Walker also led.

However, among 609 likely voters, Burke has the advantage 48.6 percent to 46.5 percent. A month ago the difference was about the same. All the numbers are within the poll’s margin of error.

“Be mindful of the fact that this poll was concluded before our recent ads came out that completely debunk the myth about our ranking in the Midwest,” said Walker.

Walker is talking about an ad his campaign released this week. It states Wisconsin is third in Midwest job growth. Weeks before the ad was released, Burke had been running a campaign ad stating Wisconsin is last in Midwest job growth.

“Governor Walker is spinning numbers out there and his recent ad shows him using numbers that two years ago himself said are not a credible source of numbers,” said Burke.

The facts are Walker's numbers are from the past year from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Burke's numbers are from 2010 to 2013 and from Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages.

Marquette's poll shows 50.1 percent of likely voters believe Wisconsin is lagging behind other states in job creation. Only 8.8 percent believe Wisconsin is ahead of other states.

“But does that translate into the vote and you see that somewhat negative view of jobs paired against people saying the state's headed in the right direction, the budget is better and overall changes have been for the better,” said Charles Franklin, the director of Marquette’s poll.

Voters will have their say on November 4th.

You can see the full results and data of the poll here: