Documents shed light on John Doe prosecutors' mindset

Gov. Scott Walker

GREEN BAY- We're learning more about an investigation into alleged illegal campaign activities during Governor Scott Walker's recall election.

Prosecutors say Walker was part of "a criminal scheme,” but the governor is maintaining his innocence.

The documents released Thursday show that last December, prosecutors looking into Governor Scott Walker's campaign said "the scope of the criminal scheme under investigation is expansive."

In a filing, prosecutors say Walker and his campaign illegally coordinated campaign activities with a dozen other organizations.

One of those was the Wisconsin Club for Growth, a conservative economic activism group.

Documents name R. J. Johnson as an advisor, while at the same time Johnson also worked for the Walker campaign.

Thursday, Walker didn't deny that.

"We've used him in the past. He's had a fairly narrow role as a consultant and I don't see that changing in the future,” said Walker.

The documents also say in May 2011, Walker sent an email to Karl Rove, a national conservative organizer, praising Johnson. That email made prosecutors wonder just how far the campaign coordination went.

Walker said he couldn't recall the email.

"I have not seen that. I do not know what specifically you're talking about but I can't imagine that,” said Walker.

No charges were filed against Walker or his staff in this investigation.

Both state and federal judges have temporarily stopped the investigation, saying no violations of campaign law occurred.

Walker says the judges got it right. He defended his campaign's actions on the internet with his Twitter account and in an interview.

"People can say or do whatever they want. I think to me an objective third party, a separate branch of government the judiciary at both the state and federal level made it clear that they felt it wasn't a case here.

But the Democratic National Committee says Walker needs to come clean.

It said in a statement: "The documents released today raise more questions than answers about Scott Walker's misconduct during his first term."

That statement went on to say it: "…is not only troubling and potentially illegal - it is a clear violation of the public's trust.”

Prosecutors have appealed the judge's decision to stop the John Doe investigation. It remains in the federal court of appeals.