Grothman wins GOP race for retiring Petri's seat

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OSHKOSH - State Sen. Glenn Grothman says he felt like the underdog in his 6th Congressional District Republican primary. He says that makes his victory even more rewarding.

Grothman defeated State Sen. Joe Leibham of Sheboygan, State Rep. Duey Stroebel of Saukville, and Tom Denow of Oshkosh.

"We didn't have the geography,” said Grothman. “We had the message. The message was we have gotta do something about what that welfare state is doing to our country."

Grothman will now face Winnebago County Executive Mark Harris in November. Harris was the only Democrat vying for the seat.

“I was prepared to run against any of the Republicans and I think what the public really wants in this district is some fiscal soundness and social fairness,” said Harris.

Either Harris or Grothman will be replacing retiring Republican Congressman Tom Petri. With the exception of two years, the seat has been in Republican control since 1939.

“Certainly that makes it sound tough, but once again, it’s actually been held by a moderate all that time,” said Harris.

“We have to make some fundamental changes to get America back to the moral fabric that made this country right,” said Grothman.

The two candidates have a little more than two months to show why they deserve to succeed Petri.

"We realize that Mark Harris is a formidable candidate,” said Grothman. “I'll be on the phones raising money tomorrow and in the diners tomorrow and campaigning around the clock right away."

“I'm hoping that there will be a lot debates and the public will get to hear for themselves what having two candidates, neither of them an incumbent what they have to say,” said Harris.

Voters will be back at the polls on Nov. 4.