Rep. Grothman town hall gets heated at times

U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-6th District (Grothman office photo)

VALDERS (WLUK) -- As members of Congress return home for break, many are meeting with constituents.

U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman, R-6th District, made a stop in Valders Monday and at times, the discussion got heated.

Healthcare was a top priority for discussion at the town hall.

Some constituents disagreed with Grothman's stance on healthcare reform.

"We just, basically, want to see more people being covered instead of things that are going to needlessly cost money to repair," said Jennifer Both of Two Rivers.

Grothman supported the bill House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced last month. He told us Ryan may try again in a few months.

"If he gets it done I don't think it's be that unlike the bill that was supposed to be on the floor two Fridays ago," Grothman explained.

Another contentious topic was President Trump's proposal to cut 31% of the Environmental Protection Agency's budget, a move Grothman supports.

That angered many in the crowd.

"I think that gutting the EPA is just going to leave it open for corporations to take advantage of it," said Joshua Kitzmann of Two Rivers.

Grothman said the EPA is inefficient right now and addressed one woman's specific concerns about water quality and wells saying that's not an EPA issue anyway.

"It's largely a DNR situation with regard to wells and we'll look into it," Grothman told us.

Voters told FOX 11 they appreciated Grothman taking the time, but they wish he would have taken more. The visit lasted about an hour.

"I felt like some of the questions weren't really answered as to what the specifics were," said Both.

"Seemed like he was a little dismissive at times," added Kitzmann.

Grothman acknowledged town halls have been tense for members of Congress across the country recently.

"America's more polarized and I think there's more anger out there than there was two years ago," he said.

Congressman Grothman told us it's true some of his peers have shied away from doing town halls, but he says he has no plans to stop doing his own.

"I think it's something we're expected to do. So I do it. It's always enjoyable meeting with people. Some of them get angry with me, but I like to meet people on both sides of the aisle," he said.

Grothman will be holding five town halls across his district on Tuesday. For more information go here.

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