Activists seeking to limit campaign spending

File photo of a ballot entering a counting machine.

FOND DU LAC, Wis. (AP) - Grassroots activists in Fond du Lac and Ripon are working to bring a nonbinding resolution to the Nov. 4 ballot calling for a constitutional amendment declaring that money isn't speech.

Supporters plan to spend the weekend getting the word out and gathering the final signatures they would need to get the measure on the ballot, The Reporter Media reported.

Move to Amend Fond du Lac already has 1,900 of the required 2,080 signatures, organizer Donna Richards said. The Ripon movement has collected 583 signatures, well above the required 395.

Supporters believe money should be regulated in political campaigns, and not viewed as protected free speech as the U.S. Supreme Court declared in a 2010 ruling.

Ripon organizer Art Baseler said his group had no trouble gathering signatures from voters across the political spectrum. He said people are upset with how political campaigns are run and how much money is spent in each political cycle.

The resolution calls upon lawmakers to pass a constitutional amendment, but by itself it wouldn't change anything.

Even so, Richards said it was important for local citizens to take the lead in protecting their rights. She said even a small grassroots movement can help make a difference in national politics.

"Local resolutions are a powerful tool because they help to educate and mobilize citizens while sending a strong signal to lawmakers," she said.