Buzz Aldrin took the first selfie from space

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"Selfie" photos have been around a lot longer than social media.

In fact, NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin even took the first space selfie - back in 1966.

Here's the story, in his own words:

"Gee whiz.

Look at that horizon. Curved a little bit. And the clouds are way down there. I wonder what the picture's going to look like. I didn't realize that I was pioneering the selfies.

Propel the aircraft as smoothly as it had in 11 previous flights. And Gemini 12 was headed for an orbit...

We were docked to the other aircraft... There was experimenter from Northwestern University and he wanted pictures taken of ultraviolet stars.

So we could only take pictures at night.

The pilot took ultraviolet photographs.

This camera is fixed. So... is going to have to get that thing pointed just right at the right star system... And then I go click. I did that. Click... I take a picture. Then the sun comes up.

During the day pass, I'm looking down at the Astrodome, some of the lakes around Houston.

So what am I going to do during the daytime? Look at the camera and hit the button. What for? I don't know. I wonder what I'll look like.

Another claim to fame for Buzz."