Wings over Wisconsin offers free fishing event for kids


TOWN OF EATON - A local non-profit conservation organization is making a difference for kids in Northeast Wisconsin.

Wings over Wisconsin hosted a free fishing event for kids on Saturday, May 17.

FOX 11's Emily Deem spent Friday morning with the group to learn more about the event.

Kids were able to fish for an hour or all day. Fishing poles and bait were also provided for free to kids taking part.

Members of the Denmark Chapter of Wings over Wisconsin make it their mission to help the children learn about outdoor activities.

"The environment, the outdoors - it's therapy in many ways," said member Barry Melotte.

The group has organized the free fishing day for the past six years.

And while fishing is the focus, the group says it also teaches the kids about regulations, boating safety, fly fishing and even how to clean a fish.

Zachary VanOss, a 6th grader at Demark Middle School, was eager to improve his skills at Saturday's event.

"I'm hoping to learn more about fishing and how to get my cast straight because I'm not the best caster," said VanOss.

At Youth Fishing Day, VanOss was able to get the help and advice he needs to one day pass along to his kids.

"That's the hope," said Melotte.

Wings Over Wisconsin started in 1980. The group has chapters all over the state.