Twins team up to volunteer at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Andy and Tony Hockers volunteering at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary March 16, 2017 (WLUK).

GREEN BAY (WLUK) -- Tony and Andy Hockers are routinely putting in 50-hour workweeks.

The twin brothers from Green Bay have been volunteering full-time, and then some, for almost a decade at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

They continue racking up the hours, more than 3,000 each, just about every year since 2009.

And now they can add award winner to their resumes.

“They usually get fed once a week,” says Tony Hockers, as he handles one of the sanctuary's snakes. "We basically work with him every day so he’s pretty much used to me.”

Tony is just one half of a dynamic duo doing a variety of jobs at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. His brother Andy rounds out the pair.

“We usually set up diets for how much food they get, and some areas of food they cannot get because it’s not good for them,” says Andy.

But the twins do much more at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary than just feed the animals.

They also clean cages, change water, and just about anything else, depending on the day. The twins first got introduced to the sanctuary as students at Preble High in Green Bay.

“I still remember first meeting them in 2009 when they came here for school and they just loved animals," says Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary Executive Director, Lori Bankson. "They had a passion for them and they just wanted to get a little bit of experience and we noticed when we started working with them so many years ago now that they really understood the animals. They really helped out a lot. They loved doing whatever job we needed help with.”

For their many contributions, last year the brothers were awarded Friends of the Year, the top honor given out to any sanctuary volunteer.

“They could be volunteering other places, they could be doing so many other things," says Bankson. "We are so honored they bring their hard work here to the wildlife sanctuary.”

“We’ve always wanted to work with animals and when we started volunteering here it’s like a dream come true for us,” says Andy.

Bankson says there’s not a lot of staff turnover at the sanctuary, but says she’s already spoken to the twins about the possibility of a paid position if something opens up in the future.

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