Terminally ill veteran receives dream trip

Sam Crawford, an terminally ill army veteran, was presented with a trip to the Wisconsin Dells, by the Dreams for Veterans Program, August 21, 2017. (WLUK)

FOND DU LAC (WLUK) -- Balloons and gifts in hand, Rick Patton, of the Fond du Lac Veteran's Service, and his team, prepared to surprise a veteran.

"So we got a call from the Dream Foundation, said, 'Could you play dream host for a terminally ill veteran?' I said sure," said Patton.

The Dreams for Veterans program works with terminally ill veterans, honoring their service by fulfilling one final dream.

Monday, Sam Crawford, an army veteran, was presented with a trip to the Wisconsin Dells.

Along with a care package for the road.

Crawford was diagnosed with stage-three skin cancer four years ago.

The cancer has now spread to four different areas throughout his body.

"Then found out last month that it's now in my spine, so I have four areas of active cancer going through my body right now," he explained.

Crawford says the idea to reach out to the organization began with a letter his social worker, sent two months ago, "Pretty much my social worker took my history, filled out a couple of things, I signed my name and sent it to the Dream Foundation."

He says the trip to the Dells is all for one special person, his four-year-old grandson, Raclen, "Him -- spending more time with him."

Crawford's wife, Shannon, says every moment has become precious, "It's been rough, just want to be with him."

She says as they prepare to pack their bags, the trip has given them a chance to make last minute memories, "That's what I'm hoping for, lots of fun and laughter."

Crawford and his family are set to leave on their trip next Monday.

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