No lonely hearts: Students spreading love to seniors this Valentine's Day

Students at Parkview Middle School in Ashwaubenon make Valentines for senior citizens, Feb. 12, 2015. (WLUK/Laura Smith)

ASHWAUBENON -  Valentine's Day can be a day of love and joy. But for some, February 14th can be a lonely time.

"We try to make something that they'll remember," said Parkview Middle School 8th grader Rainee Laurence.

Love is in the air at Parkview Middle School, where Laurence set up and ran a valentine card making station this week.

Students set aside time during their lunch hour to help make valentines for local seniors.

"It felt like the right thing to do," said Parkview Middle School 6th grader Justin Heller.

"I want everyone to feel they're special and feel that everyone has a place in this world," said Parkview Middle School 6th grader Savannah DeGroot.

Laurence had the heart to start the project she calls "Love Letters for the Elderly."

"There's these cute little puns and stuff on them like, we make a perfect pair and stuff like that," said Laurence. "They're really cute."

The effort is aimed at making sure area seniors don't feel like members of the Lonely Hearts Club.

"They just tell them you know that there's actually someone out there that's thinking of them," Laurence said.

Using construction paper, markers, scissors and glue, Laurence's classmates gathered round to help make the homemade cards and explore their creative side.

"I made a couple dog ones," said DeGroot. "So, I used a big heart. I cut out either a small one or a big one, cut it in half to make the ears and then I drew the eyes nose and the tongue on."

Laurence reminded students, "Make two more and you can get a prize."

The cards filled with handwritten messages and drawings piled up Thursday.

"I'm writing like valentine notes and all that," said Parkview Middle School 8th grader Victoria Aviles.

"I think they're all pretty good and they'll make a lot of people happy," Heller said.

The colorful greetings surpassed Laurence's goal of 500 personalized valentines.

"It's like my heart is pumping with happiness and stuff because I get to do something special for someone," said DeGroot.

These students hope a little effort on their part  will make a world of difference for others.

"It doesn't really take that much," Laurence said.

Laurence's project stemmed from a leadership event at Lambeau Field last month aimed at empowering girls to create positive influences in the community.

The valentines will be dropped off and distributed to seniors throughout the community by Meals on Wheels Friday.