Manitowoc student holds school supply fundraiser


MANITOWOC - A nine-year-old girl is making a difference when it comes to school supplies for kids.

Taliah Seefeldt of Manitowoc started a club called "Wings of Kindness" last year.

The club's mission is to donate school supplies to families who cannot afford them.

With the help of her family, and others, Seefeldt held a school supply fundraiser Sunday.

More than 40 vendors were on hand at Lakeshore Mall.

Each vendor decided to donate a raffle item to help raise money for the club.

Most of the items donated included notebooks, pencils and calculators.

Seefeldt says most of the supplies are needed for jobs later in life.

"Every job includes math, almost every job includes writing. Almost every job includes, even if you're doing baking, you need to know how fractions work, and stuff like that," said Seefeldt.

When Seefeldt started the program, she personally bought more than $400 worth of school supplies.