Local hockey players trade in ice skates for sleds, for good cause

ASHWAUBENON (WLUK) -- Those on Green Bay's Youth Hockey Association's Peewee team traded in their ice skates for sleds.

Players like Sam Lyons of Suamico say they didn't know what to expect, "I'm kind of nervous actually, because I've never done this before."

Lyons and his teammates strapped in, for what would be a hockey game from a different viewpoint.

"The term walking in someone else's shoes really applies for this, they can't do we what we do but we can do what they do,"continued Lyons.

The team played members of the Wisconsin Skeeters (previously known as the Wisconsin Warriors) Sunday, a Madison-based youth sled hockey team for those with disabilities.

Kathie Natzke is an organizer with the team.

"Sled Hockey is a sport that anyone who can't play typical stand up hockey can play," she said.

Natzke says hosting games like these can be a great learning experience, "They get the experience of 'Oh, this is what it's like to be disabled or this is what it's like to play another sport.'"

For members of the Skeeter team like Matt Hass, he says he enjoys anytime he can spend on the ice, "It's just a lot of fun, I get to get out on the ice and just have fun."

As well as an opportunity to show off his skills, "Usually when we play the able body teams, it's not much competition."

For other's -- it's the excitement of meeting new friends.

"Yeah, meet friends," said another player we spoke to.

As for players like Lyons he says, "It's hard -- it's like learning to walk except with your arms."

For more information on the Wisconsin Skeeters, you can click here.

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