Lincoln High School Marching Band grants hospice patient's birthday wish

The Lincoln High School Marching Band in Manitowoc performed for Chalice Rosinsky, who is in the advanced stages of Huntington’s Disease, at Washington Park for her birthday, April 18, 2017. (WLUK)

MANITOWOC, Wis. (WLUK) -- The sounds and the steps weren't for a football game or a parade -- they were for something much more important at Washington Park in Manitowoc.

Chalice Rosinsky is in the advanced stages of Huntington's Disease. It's a fatal disorder that attacks both the physical and mental state.

But for her birthday wish, she was hoping to hear the same band she once played in as a student herself at Lincoln High in Manitowoc.

When the school heard, students and staff didn't hesitate.

"They were right on board real fast. It's a great group of students. We got great students at Lincoln High School. We got great students in the band program, and they instantly said 'I'm in.' Hands shot up and said 'I want to do it,'" said Lincoln High Band Director, Micah Hoffman.

Chalice and her friends were blown away with the turnout. And even though the disease may have taken her speech, it hasn't taken her spirit.

"It was a great day, a great day," said Chalice's friend, Katie Bieberitz. "It's just great to see her out and get to enjoy life a little bit."

And although she couldn't say it herself, Chalice didn't want the afternoon to end without letting the Lincoln High Marching Band know just how much the day meant to her.

Chalice turned 38 years old on Easter Sunday.

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