Family reunites with firefighters who saved their son's life

Doug & Cami Behl with their son Doug Jr.

ALLOUEZ - Doug Behl Jr. is about to turn two months old.

But the boy's family says if it weren't for a group of Green Bay Metro firefighters, the milestone would not be possible.

He was born July 8, 2014, 5 pounds and 12 ounces. But there was a problem.

“He just looked very pale. He didn’t have a lot of color. He gave a little bit of a cry but it was very weak," said Cami Behl, Doug's mom.

The Behl's dialed 911.

Once firefighters stepped in they put baby Doug into the ambulance.

“We started suctioning the airway and giving it some oxygen,” said Jeff Huguet with Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

That’s when they started to see a change.

“He started to turn pink. The blue went away and we finally got some EKG patches on him and we saw that we got a heartbeat,” Huguet said.

Even though baby Doug looks healthy now, life hasn't been easy these past couple of months.

He needed special treatment in the hospital.

"They lowered his body temperature for the first three days. They had him all hooked up to wires and everything so it was quite a long time before we could even hold him or touch him," Cami Behl said.

A month and a half later his parents got to take him home but Doug still had to be hooked up to heart rate monitor.

The Behl’s say their son's a fighter.

"He’s so strong. He went through things that most adults don’t have to go through," Cami Behl said.

Last week doctors gave Doug a clean bill of health.

"It doesn’t always work out this way. It doesn’t always turn out to be the positive happy side of what happens," said Doug Behl Sr.

The family says they’re very grateful and they hope one day their son will help others when he gets older.

"He’s a miracle baby and he’s a huge blessing to all of us," Cami Behl said.

July 8 is more than just the little one's birthday, it's a day firefighters and the Behl family will never forget.

The family says they plan on telling their son the story about his birth when he’s old enough to understand.