Area woman honored for making a difference at the YWCA

Michelle Melby Reporting

GREEN BAY - An area woman has been recognized for making a difference in the Green Bay community.

Kathy Hinkfuss is the CEO of the YWCA in Green Bay. She prides herself on helping those in need, and her peers are taking notice.

"The award is wonderful, but there are so many people behind that award," said Kathy Hinkfuss, YWCA.

Hinkfuss is the ever-busy leader of the YWCA in Green Bay. Recently she was honored with a "Doers and Dreamers" award. It highlights those who effect change, inspire, and enrich their communities.

"I will tell you that we are doing a lot of great work here at the YWCA. But the work that I'm doing, I don't do it alone. I do it with everybody that surrounds me and that I surround myself with," said HInkfuss.

Hinkfus has been on the job since 2011, coming from the corporate world. After a few years off to spend time with family, she was ready to come back to work.

"When my daughter Marie turned 16 I said I'm going to go and I'm going to get a job. But I'm going to do something for the community and I wanted to do something in the leadership role," said Hinkfuss.

She says the YWCA has been a wonderful fit for her. As it's CEO, she's able to give back to the community that she loves. She loves to visit the pool and see the smiling faces, or walk through the "women's closet," a place that can help a woman dress for a job interview.

Kathy Hinkfuss, "Because the YWCA is about providing tools. It's not about creating awareness. A way to solve or at least do something different with the issue--not just create smoke."

Recently, she created an event that paired teen girls from low-income families with beautiful, donated prom dresses. She then created a prom event the girls could experience.

Hinkfuss, "But like any job, there's ups and downs. And trying to provide opportunity, give opportunity and really truly make a difference is what the award is about, and that's what this job and what I'm about."

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