13-year-old from Kimberly makes blankets for veterans in need

KIMBERLY (WLUK) -- Making blankets is one of Aubree Leitermann's favorite things to do, "I really enjoy making tie blankets."

She has turned that hobby into a way to give back to local veterans.

"Two years ago, I made four blankets and gave them to veterans, and it just kept going," she continued.

It has grown into an annual event in Kimberly, "Aubree's Blankets for Veterans"where supporters come together to help make blankets.

Each blanket is given to veterans who are being transported by air during medical flights.

They are also distributed to veteran homes across Northeast Wisconsin.

Her passion for the cause, comes from the loss of three grandparents who protected and served our country.

"It was important, because I felt like they needed something, so that they knew they were appreciated, and all my grandfather's were veterans too," explained Leitermann.

Each blanket is tied with a card, that allows veterans' to reach back out and show their gratitude.

Leitermann says it has become one of the most rewarding parts of the project, "It's pretty cool to hear back from the families. I feel like I'm doing something big, even though it's something so small."

She has even inspired other young adults to volunteer.

"It makes me feel good, that the people in need are going to get the care they need with these blankets," said a 9-year-old we spoke to at the event.

Nicole Lietermann, Aubree's mom says she couldn't be prouder, "At 13-years-old she has already made 500 blankets, so where it will go from here."

When asked what the future holds.

"I really don't know I'm just going along with it, and as long as there is a need for the blankets, I'm going to make them," said Aubree.

Seventy-five blankets were made at this year's event, totaling more than 600 blankets since the event started in 2014.

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