Wrightstown debates RV, boat parking ordinance

Wrightstown debates RV, boat parking ordinance

WRIGHTSTOWN - Wrightstown residents packed their village hall Tuesday night, many angry at a proposal limiting where they can park their campers and boats.

A few people in the community say an ordinance needs to prevent it from happening year round.

“I took about 40 photographs in 30 minutes in only part of the village,” said Sue Byers, the resident who first proposed a new ordinance. “It's widespread.”

Byers isn't happy that Wrightstown’s current ordinance that is supposed to limit recreational vehicle parking has been changed three times in the past six years.

“Because the ordinance keeps getting less and less restrictive to the point where there are really no restrictions,” said Byers. “You don't know what you're going to see next.”

Byers request to beef up the rules has been met with plenty of opposition.

“I would encourage you as a board to remain this as the land of the free, which is what it is billed as. Do not allow it to become the land of the whine bags,” said Mel Christensen of Wrighstown.

Some municipalities do have ordinances limiting boat and RV parking. Some restrict the time you can park the vehicles, how many you can park, and/or where they are placed on your property.

“I don't think we have to be telling property owners what they have to do with their property,” said Brian Smith of Wrightstown.

Of the more than 40 people who spoke at Wrighstown's meeting, only a handful of people voiced their support for a new ordinance.

“If people can afford to have a boat, have an RV, a camper, they should be able to afford to pay for a storage unit,” said Karen Moore of Wrightstown.

The board decided it will take another look at the issue at its next meeting.