Wrightstown campground has avoided repeat of 2010 flood

Apple Creek Campground

WRIGHTSTOWN - At Apple Creek Campground in Wrightstown, someone is always keeping an eye on the forecast.

“Well I'm always a little concerned,” said Pam Packee, the manager of Apple Creek Campground.

Four years ago, many of the campsites were under water.

“We've been pretty lucky the last couple of years that we haven't had any issues,” said Packee.

About eight miles away, Wrighstown Road isn’t as lucky. It's closed because of damage from the recent rain.

“This is kind of the typical flooding that we do see in the spring time,” said Paul Gazdik, Brown County’s Emergency Management Director.

Gazdik was preparing for flooding to be much worse this spring. That's because of the harsh winter we had.

“Luckily we've had a little bit of a slower thaw, so we're seeing kind of the traditional spring flooding that we would see,” said Gazdik.

Traditional spring flooding is what Apple Creek is hoping to avoid. It made changes after its flooding in 2010.

“Up in here you can see we kind of built it up a little bit and put some grasses and brush in here,” said Packee, while showing FOX 11 what it added along the Apple Creek.

Pumps were also installed throughout the campground, just as a precaution.

“If it helps us from getting flooded then it's worth it,” said Packee.

Before that 2010 flood at Apple Creek, the only other time the campground saw similar flooding was in 1990.