Work to begin at Lineville Rd./Hwy. 41

File photo.

BROWN COUNTY - The Lineville Rd. (Hwy. M) interchange with Hwy. 41 is set to close for about two months.

Crews will be building four roundabouts: one at the end of each interchange ramp, one at the intersection of Lineville Rd. and E. Deerfield Ave., and one at the intersection of Lineville Rd. and W. Deerfield Ave. Other work includes replacing the Lineville Rd. overpass over Hwy. 41, building an extra travel lane on Lineville Rd., building a right-turn lane for traffic getting onto southbound Hwy. 41 from the west and adding bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

State transportation officials say the area will close beginning Monday and stay closed for as much as 60 days. Areas closed include: the interchange ramps, Lineville Rd. between W. Deerfield Ave. and Lakeview Dr. (Hwy. J), the Lineville Rd. and W. Deerfield Ave. intersection and the Lineville Rd. intersection with E. Deerfield Ave. E. Deerfield Ave. will stay open for access to local businesses, officials say.

As alternate routes, the DOT recommends using Lakeview Dr. or Hwy. B to cross Hwy. 41 and using the Hwy. B and Velp Ave. interchanges for access to and from Hwy. 41. Drivers should be aware that the Shawano Ave. interchange is also closed for construction until the first week in September, so there may be higher-than-usual delays on Velp Ave. if it is used as an alternate route. For that reason, the DOT recommends using Hwy. B as an alternative until Shawano Ave. reopens. Mason St. to Packerland Dr. and Hwy. 29 to Hwy. FF are also options for reaching the Howard area and Lineville Rd.