White buffalo born in Forest County


ARMSTRONG CREEK - A white plains buffalo was born in Forest County at Armstrong Creek Bison.

An albino buffalo with pink features happens once in every 240,000 births. What's even less common is an actual white buffalo, which has brown features.

Those odds are one in a billion.

The owners cannot tell what kind it is yet, mostly because the parents are protecting it.

It doesn't matter to Armstrong Creek Bison, Tom Wysoki says he is just happy to have this blessing which is considered sacred or spiritually significant in several Native American religions.

"Native Americans believe in our area its an omen, its a sign of good things to come for everyone," Wysoki said. "It's kind of a unification thing of all the people in the country."

Armstrong Creek Bison is hoping to keep the herd calm in the upcoming weeks. That's because it's common for calves to die within the first week.