Wet grounds causing problems for Country USA

Wet grounds causing problems for Country USA

TOWN OF NEKIMI - All our recent rain is creating a muddy start for Country USA. As campers moved into their sites Monday afternoon, the process was slow-going.

Country USA organizers say some of the campsites were so muddy, vehicles got stuck. The organizers called in to area farmers to help pull out vehicles using tractors.

Security would not let FOX 11 inside the camp grounds to get video of the muddy sites.

But the main grounds were also muddy and workers were busy through the afternoon preparing the grounds for the rest of the week.

Outside the grounds there was a line of cars a few miles long with campers and RV's waiting to get to their spots.

The organizers actually opened the gates early to keep traffic flowing.

Between 500 and 800 camp sites were too muddy to use, so those visitors had to be shuffled to different spots.

"We're right around 3,000 available, but we set aside a good number of those sites that we didn't sell so that we could transplant any bad sites that showed up. So we did put a plan b in place," explained Dan Liebhauser, Country USA promoter.

The music doesn't actually start until Tuesday.

The tickets sold out this year, so they're expecting big crowds this week. Organizers say fans should get to the grounds early.

Country USA advises visitors to check the festival's website and Facebook page for updates.