Wedding plans may be disrupted by zoning dispute

Weddings scheduled for 2014 may be cancelled

GLENMORE - There's a wedding issue in Glenmore in rural Brown County that may leave dozens of brides and grooms unhappy.

It's all about the wedding location and it comes down to a zoning dispute.

Nicci Kelley's wedding is scheduled for October.

She started planning last year and even found what she considers the perfect location.

"I just knew, I fell in love with the charm of it," said Kelley.

Kelley chose the La Grange Ledgestone Barn owned by Steve Corrigan.

But she found out two weeks ago that the town says a business shouldn't be running until the proper paperwork is filed and approved.

"I'm trying the approach of optimism," Kelley said.

As for now, Kelley's wedding is still scheduled this fall.

During town board meetings Steve Corrigan's rezoning requests were denied last year and again in May 2014.

The board said a community business should not be in an environmentally sensitive area.

The board also stated the venue doesn't fit into its comprehensive plan.

That plan says the land in Glenmore should be kept as agricultural, maintain rural life, and preserve the current farmland.

During a court hearing on Friday the judge found the town of Glenmore can enforce its current zoning citations.

"At this point in time operating as a wedding banquet facility would be outside permissible use of the property," said Remzy Bitar, the Town of Glenmore's attorney.

That also means Corrigan can be cited if weddings continue at the venue.

"The courts did not order me not to continue my events so now I'll have to work with the town of Glenmore on the rezoning issue," said Steve Corrigan.

Corrigan says he recently submitted the proper building and safety plans to the state.

However, the venue was operating as a commercial business before those plans were sent to the state.

"The town is interested in protecting the safety of its residents along with the safety of the brides and guests that are coming through this barn that does not have any of its state approval," Bitar said.

Corrigan is still unsure if the weddings planned throughout this year will go as scheduled.

"We do not want anyone to feel that we're not willing to work with the town and do everything that we can bring this to everyone's satisfaction," Corrigan said.