Chilton corn maze weathers wet summer

The entrance to the corn maze at Meuer Farm in Chilton, September 12, 2017. (WLUK)

CHILTON (WLUK) -- The weather might feel more like summer right now, but one look at a corn stalk gives the time of year away.

Corn fields are now towering as high as they'll get, meaning fall must be just around the corner.

One other sure sign fall is coming? The Meuer Farm Corn Maze in Chilton is complete, and ready to open this weekend.

"It's the best time. when you've got good weather and a bunch of people out and everybody's just having fun. Talking to the people and stuff like that, that's the best thing," said David Meuer, owner of Meuer Farm.

But this year's 10-acre Elvis-themed maze didn't get off to the best start.

One narrow swath of plants, cutting roughly across Elvis' legs, were washed away in June.

Chilton more than doubled its normal monthly rainfall that month.

The fields, for the most part, have recovered.

"Corn looks really good. On the lighter soil in part of this field here, you can see this corn is nine, ten feet tall. The other field part of it is probably around five, six, somewhere there. But it actually looks pretty good. The cobs look good, they filled out nice, so looking good," Meuer said.

A few other factors have tried to derail the maze, including raccoons eating away at the fields.

A relative lack of hot summer weather was one of the bigger secondary hurdles to clear, though.

"We're behind about 200 growing degree days. It's actually put the maturity of the corn back. A lot of corn you would see in Northeast Wisconsin here, even last year, most of it was chopped off, ready for corn silage. This year hardly anything is done yet," Meuer said.

But ultimately Meuer says the weather came around just enough, and just in time, for what he hopes will be another successful fall.

The maze opens Saturday and will be open every weekend through the end of October.

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