Water conservation notice in effect

File photo (MGN Online/NRCS)

GREEN BAY - People in the Green Bay area were asked to cut back on water usage starting Saturday.

The Green Bay Water Utility sent out an emergency water conservation notice for the weekend.

It's in place while utility workers repair one of the city's two incoming water transmission lines.

People in Green Bay, Ashwaubenon, Hobart, and the Town of Scott are being asked to limit water use to help keep everything flowing smoothly.

There is no way to enforce the request, but water utility officials say so far - it appears people are cooperating.

"We really, really appreciate all the people that have already responded to the plea for lowering their water use because we have already seen a decline in the water use coming into the city," said Green Bay Water Utility General Manager Nancy Quirk.

Quirk says the utility hopes to have the pipe back in service by Sunday evening or earlier, if all goes as planned.

Until then people in the communities listed above are asked not to water lawns or fill pools until the notice is lifted.

The utility also asks residents to hold off on running laundry machines and dishwashers.

Restaurants are advised not to serve tap water other than by request.